The Club

Being shy is awesome. But do you know that awkward feeling when your face turns red and you're all sweaty and uncomfortable? We know the feeling too and that’s why our goal is to make you feel better with our awesome clothes. We also want to show people that being shy is OK. Let's build a supportive community together!   

How to join + member benefits

This club doesn't host official meetings (how awkward would that be). It's free and everyone is welcome to join. We love hearing your stories so please share them on instagram with #shyvibesclub. The club offers you emotional support and good times. We like to laugh at situations where we were embarrassed for no reason. Hopefully we can make you laugh as well.


We use breathable and ecological quality materials for the sweatiest situations. Most of our products are made of eco-certified organic materials or recycled materials.

Our packaging is recyclable and our hang tags are made of recycled paper. We are continuously on the hunt for new sustainable material options and new technologies.


We have carefully selected our skilled manufacturers in Finland and Estonia. It is important for us to have our manufacturers and fabric suppliers close in order to have smooth co-operation.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at

GIFs by Anna Salmi


Shy Vibes Club Team Shirt GIF By Anna Salmi