This is how we do it

We design versatile quality clothes that help shy people enjoy their days. We try not to follow trends and instead create clothing that lasts from season to season.


We use quality materials. Most of our products are made of eco-certified or recycled materials. Our wool is IVN-certified and therefore cruelty-free. The certification ensures that lambs are well taken care of and no harmful substances were used in the production. The wool comes from Argentina and the fabric is knitted in Sweden.

Our bamboo lycra fabric is knitted in Finland and it has the OEKO-tex standard 100 certificate in class 2.

Our packaging is recyclable and our hang tags are made of recycled paper. We are continuously on the hunt for new sustainable material options and new technologies.


We have carefully selected our skilled manufacturers in Estonia. Our manufacturers belong to the Estonian Clothing and Textile Association. We pay them regular visits. It is important for us to have our manufacturers and fabric suppliers close in order to have smooth co-operation.

Shy Vibes Club Office

Our office is located in Helsinki, Finland. This is where we do our design work, send our products out to the world and practise our shuffle moves.

We keep our electrical gadgets operating on renewable wind power. Trash including paper, plastic, glass, fabrics, biodegradable waste and cardboard are recycled appropriately.

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GIFs: Anna Salmi